Peroj is a small place 800 m away from the sea Built in 1657, Peroj offers it's history, faith, culture and tradition. The place has its own hotel, pizzeria, supermarkets, restaurants and high quality facilities for private accommodation. New walk along the coast is connected with Fažana and offers wonderful walking and cycling. In the summer months, the coast offers a wide range of sports facilities as well as facilities for young people.

Peroj has been known since Roman times as a summer resort & nbsp; and as a place rich in olive trees, as evidenced by old oilseeds discovered in the countryside.

In the 16th century, Peroj was devastated by the plague, so in 1657 the Venetian Republic bring 77 souls from Montenegro. The new inhabitants are Orthodox faith, so for worship they were referred to the Greek Orthodox parish in Pula, which used the church of St. Anthony. Nicholas from VI century. In Peroj they were not allowed to build an Orthodox church. After 130 years before the fall of the Venetian Republic, the inhabitants of Peroj began building their church and ended in 1788. The church is dedicated to St. Spiridon. The church is expanding and its present form was acquired in 1834. It can be visited any day with prior notice. Beside the church was built a beautiful belfry in 1860, and in 1880 a chapel dedicated to the cover of the Holy Virgin painted in 2004.

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